Mis-Sold Energy Claims

Have You Ever Used An Energy Broker To Find You The Best Deal For Your Business Energy Costs?

You May Be Eligible For A Claim Against A Mis-Sold Energy Contract!

Energy Brokers are an agent of their client, they liase suppliers in order to procure commercial gas and electric contracts. They are required to disclose the amount of commission they earn from their contracts to their clients. A large percentage of Energy Brokers do not do this and make misleading statements about how they are paid. Resulting in Brokers breaching their duty of care as an agent and recommending contracts to businesses based on their own financial motives. This is often referred to as a Mis-Sold Energy contract.

This is a form of mis-selling, and your business could be entitled to reclaim the commission paid. Typically, Brokers spend less than five working hours from the start of the process to the end. For high usage users such as Care Homes, commissions are typically upwards of ten thousand pounds, and it is not uncommon to exceed the hundred-thousand-pound threshold. The minimal time spent suggests that the renumeration received does not correlate with any meaningful value or expertise.

We are here to help businesses reclaim any undisclosed or hidden commissions from Mis-Sold Energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Claim If My Broker Saved Me Money?

Yes. Even if your broker saved you money compared to your previous deal, there can still be a significant amount of hidden commission, which results in a claim.

How Much Money Can My Business Claim Back?

The sum of the claim is dependent on the energy consumption, the commissions, and the duration of the contract. Usually, the longer the contract, the larger the claim amount.

What Does The Process Involve?

To start a claim, you must provide us with your energy contract offered by your energy broker and give us permission to engage with the broker and supplier. We will write to your broker and supplier and determine the value of your claim. We will then let you decide whether you would like to launch a claim or not. If the claim is started, you will be required to co-operate with the solicitor in order to achieve a successful outcome. Your involvement will be kept to a minimum as our experts will gather evidence to support your case, although we may require your help at times. We will keep you fully updated throughout the duration of your claim and will always be on hand if you have any queries.

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