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We’re an investigatory platform, with a dedicated team of industry experts, who help customers recover thousands of pounds from mis-sold energy, utility and merchant services contracts. 

These industries are rife with hidden commissions, fraudulent contracts and various forms of mis-selling, a problem which causes great financial stress for a vast amount of businesses. The regulatory bodies estimate that millions could be owed to businesses throughout the UK.  

Our areas of expertise are in relation to the following:
  • Mis-Sold Contract Claims

    Energy Brokers liase suppliers in order to procure commercial gas and electric contracts. They are required to disclose the amount of commission they earn from their contracts to their clients, however a large percentage of Energy Brokers do not do this. This is a form of mis-selling, and your business could be entitled to reclaim the commission paid.

  • Climate Change Levy

    In 2001, a Climate Change Levy was introduced as an energy tax payable by all businesses. Although the levy was introduced for all businesses, certain organisations qualify for relief.

  • Water Rebates

    If rainwater drains from your property into a public sewer, you will be charged for surface water drainage through your sewerage bill. Some organisations are exempt from Surface Water Drainage charges. If eligible, you will be exempt from future water charges and could claim a partial refund for the money that you have previously paid towards these charges.

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